The most important blood parameters for performance and holistic health.

The most coaches orientate only on the goals of their costumers and about that they forget to analyse the status quo to close the gap to the goal.

The GAP system applys exactly there. It helps you find out, with significant blood parameters as the omega 3 index, vitamin D, LP(a) and the sexual hormones as well as further parameters for a long, healthy life the BE-condition, to navigate costumers to their individual goal.

Furthermore we deal in the workshop with the various micronutrients and what for example myths like cholesterol have on themselves. The goal is to communicate coaches a holistic and deeper understanding and give them strategies and tools, with whom they can measure and optimize the health and performance of their costumers..


Date:                                 15.06.2023

Time:                                 ca. 09:00-16:00 Uhr

Location:                          Sportschule Oberhaching

About Thiemo Osterhaus

Thiemo Osterhaus ist a doctor for functional, stress and performance based medicine with a doctors office in Munich. He occupies himself with the optimization of health to bring the performance to a new, so far unknown level. Another one of his focuses is the topic longevity. He supervises as a leading expert on this subject area among others competitive athletes and supports them to unfold their maximum potential.

To pass on his expertise and approach from his long-term experience as doctor and coach and to lift up the standard for holistic and scientific trainings for coaches and therapeutics, he founded the Medletics Academy. Furthermore he shares his passion and his knowledge as host of the GAP System Podcast, on his Instagram Channel and on YouTube.
His book “Der Blutwerte Code – Was dir Eisen, Omega-3, Vitamin D und Co. über deine Gesundheit verraten und wie du sie optimierst”, which you can get from the end of april, is unique in the german speaking area and deals with the meaning of a holistic blood analysis. It contains tools and strategies, which can be used directly in practice.