#TRX #PoleDance

Master Instructor for Let´s Bands Coach Course and TRX® STC, GTC, TRX® Yoga

Vero Vegas was born in Luxemburg. She has been working as a personal and athletic trainer and as a nutrition and exercise coach for 12 years. As a former aerial acrobat, Vero opened one of the first poledancing studios in Austria in 2011. She established poledancing as sport in Tyrol. She created new concepts and trained trainers to be better coaches. As an expert in athletic training focusing on TRX training and mini bands, she is in great demand at international events. Since the beginning of the first camp in 2016, Vero is part of the team of the coaches for Women’s Health Germany.

She also works as the event manager for Perform Better Institute and is part of expertteam for the brands TRX and Let´s Bands in Europe.