In such extraordinary times as these, extraordinary actions are required. That is why we have pooled all our strength and proudly present you the first Perform Better Online Summit.

We have activated our entire network, to offer you an online event that is second to none. Over 3 days, you can expect over 20 live webinars with the best experts in their industry from USA & Europe. We also have over 200 hours of video content with knowledge from training, nutrition, mindset and much more. And we also have a few surprises for you! If you don’t want to miss this event, get your ticket and join the movement!



Learn directly from the experts in these 45-75 minute intensive workshops

In each 15 mins are blocked for questions. All lectures take place live.

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Slatco Sterzenbach – Motivation Coach & Extreme Athlete

Change als Chance (GER)

Slatco Sterzenbach widmet sein Leben mit Begeisterung und Hingabe den Unternehmen und
Menschen, die bereit sind, ihr MIND.SET zu verändern, um den Weg der mentalen Transformation
zu gehen. In seiner Eröffnungsrede wird er spannende Insights geben und euch auf unseren PB Summit einstimmen!

Chris Frankel – TRX Chief Science Officer, VP

Practical Programming (ENG)

Take advantage of traditional methods and emerging evidence-based best practices to build rounds, workouts, and programs for clients and athletes.

Mike Reinold – Strength & Conditioning Coach

Keys To Optimizing Performance (ENG)

People often think that only athletes need to “perform.” But, performance-based therapy and training programs are important for anyone looking to get the most out of their bodies. In this presentation, I’ll review my 4-step system to restore, optimize, and enhance performance.

Lars Lienhard – Neuro Athletik Expert

Power begins in the brain. A neural perspective on the phenomenon of force (GER)

Es werden die wichtigsten zentralnervösen Komponenten, die am Zustandekommen muskulärer Kraft beteiligt sind aufgezeigt. Mit Praxisbeispielen wird gezeigt wie die Entscheidung Kraft zu erzeugen durch all die beteiligten Komponenten positiv beeinflusst werden kann und zwar bevor der Muskel den Kontraktionsbefehl erhält und ausführt.

Michael Boyle – Functional Training Legend

Whats new at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning (ENG)

This lecture will look at the changes over the last year at MBSC. We will start with warm-up changes and, move through changes in our speed and plyos, ending with changes in strength and power. The goal is get everyone up to date and, up to speed with what is going on at MBSC.

Eberhard Schlömmer – FMS Expert

The best principles and approaches in functional training (GER)

Functional Training bietet unendliche Möglichkeiten und Chancen sich weiter zu entwickeln und Wissen zu vertiefen. Eberhard Schlömmer wird in diesem Vortrag die besten Grundprinzipien und Ansätze aus der Welt des Functional Training vorstellen und jedem Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittenem einen systematischen Überblick verschaffen.

Tina Nyguen – Neuro Athletik Trainer

Kraftletics Training Session (GER)

From CrossFit to Kraftletics – a thought-provoking story on self-reflection as a coach and athlete on dedication, to the health and happiness of the everyday exerciser. Learn a neurocentric approach to functional group training, discover what it is, the why behind it, and how to start yourself with clients and athletes.

Kevin Carr – Functional Training Expert

Rehab 101: A Coaches guide to Rehab (ENG)

Many fitness professionals are unsure of how they can safely and effectively contribute to the athlete’s rehab team. In Kevin’s presentation, he will cover a principle-based approach to training the injured athlete and discuss how we as personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches can serve as a valuable part of a rehabilitation team.

Martin Rooney – Motivation Coach

Coach to Coach: 7 Leadership Lessons how to help more people (ENG)

In his inspiring lecture, Martin is going to give you the “secret” tips he has discovered to improve your coaching style to create a better culture and community in your program during these challenging times.

Kelly Starrett – Functional Training Legend

Metabolic Conditioning and GPP: Where Skill, Assessment, Diagnostics, and Hard Work Meet (ENG)

In the next decade, we are ready to move beyond the paradigm of more intensity and volume. This lecture will help you to synthesize and integrate the incredible training and movement choices in the coach’s tool bag into a simplified, more integrated whole.

Sue Falsone – Functional Training Expert

Bridging the gap from Rehab to Performance (ENG)

In this session, Sue will discuss the various stages of returning an athlete from injury to sport. Everything from identifying the pain generator to power production will be discussed in a systematic way for quick implementation into your current practice model.


Max Gotzler – Biohacker & Author

The daily biohacker – the tactics of the superstars for maximum performance increase (GER)

In diesem Vortrag verknüpft Biohacker Max Gotzler alte Weisheiten mit modernsten Erkenntnissen, um dein biologisches Potential zu entfalten. Du erfährst, wie Elite-Athleten ihre Leistungsgrenzen sprengen und mit welchen Taktiken Extremsportler ihre Angstzustände überwinden.

Patrick Meinart – Graduate sports scientist

Mobility – the most important elements (GER)

Dieser Vortrag behandelt die wichtigsten Faktoren eines guten Mobility-Trainings und zeigt nicht nur auf wie du dein Training gestalten solltest, sondern wie du es individualisieren und in dein restliches Training optimal integrieren kannst. Dabei liegt der Fokus auf Variablen wie Frequenz, Amplitude, Tempo und Variation der Mobility-Drills.

Nick Winkelmann – Functional Training Expert

The Language of Coaching (ENG)

Based on his newly released book, The Language of Coaching, Nick Winkelman takes you on a practical journey through the world of coaching science and the intersection between a coach’s words and their client’s movement. If you agree that HOW you coach is as important as WHAT you coach, then you’re not going to want to miss this.

Jennifer Althoff – CF & Strength Coach

Female Empowerment in der deutschen Fitnessbranche (GER)

Jennifer gibt euch exklusive Einblicke in Entwicklung der Fitnessbranche und geht hierbei speziell auf den steigenden Einfluss der Frauen ein.

Lee Burton & Gray Cook – FMS Founder

Optimizing Ankle Function and Performance (ENG)

During this session Gray Cook and Lee Burton will discuss techniques to properly test the ankle’s ability to function. They will describe and discuss unique ankle mobility and stability techniques designed to improve and maintain ankle function.

Patrick Herzog – Founder Pat.fit

Shoulder secrets for more mobility, strength and endurance (GER)

Patrick Herzog zeigt dir Tricks, wie du die Mobilität der Schulter erhöhst, Verletzungen vermeidest und die Trainingseffizienz erheblich steigerst. Nach dieser optimalen Vorbereitung wirst du Alternativen zu klassischen Schulterübungen lernen, die du sofort in dein Training integrieren kannst

Martin Limbeck – Sales Coach

Limbeck – High Performance (GER)

Martin Limbeck ist einer der meistgefragten Verkaufsexperten im englisch- und deutschsprachigen Raum. Seit mehr als 23 Jahren begeistert er mit seinem Insider-Know-how und praxisnahen Strategien Mitarbeiter aus Management und Verkauf

Wolf Harwath  – Physiotherapist

1:1 Online session with a professional athlete (GER)

Wolf Harwath, Physiotherapeut und Trainer diverser Olympioniken, gewährt einen exklusiven Blick über die Schulter. Du bist Live bei einer 1:1 Online Mobility Session für die Hüfte mit einem Profisportler dabei.

Michelle Dessler  – FMS & Athletic Training

Case Studies – Identifying the most effective intervention when working with individual´s in pain (ENG)

There are many great manual therapy techniques and exercises available. Using screening & assessment
tools allows for a more precise look into how an individual is moving and allows for more appropriate
choice of intervention. These case studies will highlight assessment findings and the
effectiveness of identifying the root of the problem.

Patrick McKeown  – Bestseller Author

How breathing patterns influence movement, sleep and exercise performance (ENG)

When athletes participate in physical activity, the presence of dysfunctional breathing can manifest as premature breathlessness, muscle fatigue, dysfunctional movement inevitably resulting in suboptimal performance. Dysfunctional breathing is not necessarily related to cardiovascular fitness. It is surprisingly common, to be incredibly fit and still demonstrate symptoms of dysfunctional breathing. Ultimately, poor breathing patterns will have a significant and long-term impact on both mental and physical wellbeing.

Dr. Perry Nickelston  – Chiropractic

Rolling Patterns: The missing piece of your programming and why every human needs it (ENG)

Rolling is the granter of wishes. Discover how this simple addition to your programming can make quick changes to improving performance, recovery, durability and longevity. Even change the perception of pain.


Access to the entire Online Summit with over 20 live webinars June 12-14, 2020


Live Q&A´s with the Speakers


8 weeks of access to 200 hours of video content


Digital manual with the presentation slides as PDF


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The best experts from the USA & Europe


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Learn from the best. Here you will be shown the latest trends and developments in functional training by national and international experts. What has proven to be successful and how to continue with Functional Training.
Learn from the best. Here you will be shown the latest trends and developments in functional training by national and international experts. What has proven to be successful and how to continue with Functional Training.
This revolutionary approach not only makes headlines but also delivers results. Learn here from the leading experts in Germany what is behind it and what makes NAT so unique.
The basis of any training is movement. Here you can learn how to check, correct and improve your movement and mobility.
Rehabilitation and training have several major intersections. Learn what they are and how you can use them for yourself.
The Corona crisis has shown us that we are not systemically relevant and that we need to position ourselves better for the future. In the small as well as in the large.
We can work on ourselves and prepare for the next crisis. Here we show you how.
You will learn everything about nutrition and health. Our experts will not just scratch the surface, but will provide you with well-founded and up-to-date knowledge.
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An online summit is similar to a normal conference: there are live webinars with the experts on every day of the online summit. In contrast to a real conference, you do not have to travel for the event and therefore do not incur any travel and accommodation costs.

Instead, you can easily and conveniently follow the conversations online on your PC, tablet or smartphone. After the talk, you can ask the speakers your questions.

The Perform Better Online Summit takes place online on June 12-14.
After you have booked your ticket, you will receive your instructions and access data for the event a short time later. The instructions state exactly where and how you register for the event, so that you don’t miss anything.
We are currently working hard on a timetable and will publish it on this page shortly. What we can already tell you, the live webinars will be broadcast on the respective days between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. In between there are enough breaks for exercise and lunch breaks.
The live seminars are broadcast via the provider “Zoom”. Before the event begins, you will receive instructions on how to register by email.
Due to the different time zones of the speakers (USA), all live seminars are switched in series. So don’t miss a lecture.

Your recommendation will be rewarded. For every successful recommendation, you get 52 weeks access to video content instead of 8 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to look at all of the content.
As soon as you have ordered your ticket, you will receive an email from us with information on recommendations.

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Variety of topics

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Access to the entire Online Summit with over 20 live webinars June 12-14, 2020


Live Q&A´s with the Speakers


8 weeks of access to 200 hours of video content


Digital manual with the presentation slides as PDF


Exclusive discounts on functional training products & seminars

149,- €


Valid till 11.06.2020