PB Online Summit - Order of events

Dear participant, we are really looking forward to your participation in the first PB Online Summit. In order to offer you the best possible experience, you will find all important information on this page. So you are optimally informed before and after the event. We wish you lots of fun.

Guidance Zoom

Here you will find instructions on how to log into the “Zoom” software. So you can easily take part in the live seminars.

Access Live Classes

Here you can watch the broadcast during the live classes. You have to have installed the software “Zoom”. You received the access data from us by email. Meeting ID: 864 3516 5814

Access Video Database

Here you find the access to the 200h video content. You can watch them for 8 weeks. You have received the access data from us by email.

This is how you prepare optimally:

  • Please make sure that your mobile device is connected to the power, to avoid that your live seminar is interrupted due to a lack of battery power.

  • So that you have the speaker as a large view on your screen, switch to “Speaker View”. You can change this by clicking on the top right of the screen. When all participants are shown you have activated the “gallery view”.

  • Please follow the instructions on the daily schedule so that you and we have a great online summit event.

  • Please use the Q&A function to ask questions. Our team will forward these to the speaker. Please excuse me if a question cannot be answered within the 15-minute question and answer session at the end of each lecture.

  • Please make sure that your sound either runs on your laptop / tablet / PC or on connected headphones to hear the speaker speak.

  • Please make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  • If you still have any questions, please contact our customer service at seminare@perform-better.de or at +49 (0) 89 / 4444679-251 .


PB Online Summit Special Deals

As a participant of the PB Online Summit, you have access to special deals from Perform Better Europe and the Perform Better Institute. You get up to 20% discount on functional training equipment and up to 25% discount on seminars & training. The offers are only valid during the online summit.


20% on Functional Training Equipment


25% on Seminare & Ausbildungen