The FT Summit 2016 will take place on 08 - 10 July 2016 with a lot of great Speakers
The FT Summit 2016 will take place on 08 - 10 July 2016 with a lot of great Speakers
You see Mark Verstegen on the pivutre. He will be one of the speakers for the FT Summit 2016
There is Stuart Mc Gill on the picture. He is one of the speakers of the FT Summti 2016

Functional Training Summit

Functional Training Summit

National and international experts and pioneers of functional, fascial and athletic training are presenting in 2016 the latest scientific findings and training methods, both in theory and practice. Like last year, the summit will be opened by the pre- conference, which will be about recent topics and trends in the realm of functional training.


The Concept

Once a year, Perform Better Europe – the expert for functional training – offers the opportunity for you to meet the most renowned functional training experts of the world in one place. It’s the combination of theory and practice that makes the Functional Training Summit unique. International and national experts will be sharing their knowledge in lectures and combine them with hands-on practices.
In this process, the latest scientific findings, trends and training methods of functional training in theory and practice will be applied.

Auf dem Bild ist ein Sportler zu sehen, der gerade zu einem Rückwärtssalto ansetzt
Trailer of the Functional Training Summit 2016

The Speakers

Get to know the international and national experts in functional training! Among them are Stu McGill, Mark Verstegen, Lee Burton Martin Rooney, Steve Maxwell, Tim Wacker, Eberhard Schlömmer and many more. Click here to get to know our speakers.